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Fall Open House and Demo Day

 Thursday September 29, 2022

 9:30 am - Make the Most of your Sewing Machine
Learn about all those feet and accessories that come with you sewing machine and others that are available that can make your sewing easier.  We will also share some valuable information on the best ways to sit and stand while you work so you can sew longer and faster
11 am - Threads and Needles
Learn about the different weights of threads and needles and when to use them and how they make a difference when you are sewing and quilting
1 pm - Notion News
We will share with you some of the newest notions on the market and what they do to make your sewing and quilting faster and easier
2:30 pm - Borders, Borders, Borders
Sometimes you need to make a quilt a bit bigger by adding borders or want to add a pieced border to spice up your quilt.  Bonny will explain how to determine the perfect proportion of border to suit your quilt and where and when to add a pieced borders for the best effect. 
4 pm -  Quilting & Embroidery by Machine
There are so many ways to use quilting and embroidery techniques to finish and embellish your projects no matter what size they are.  We will share different ideas for you to use to achieve interesting results.
5 pm  Finishing your Quilts
We will discuss battings, backings, and bindings in this session and show you a variety of ways to finish for the result you want to achieve with lots of trip, tricks and ideas included

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